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    Distinguished Librarians, Students, Researchers, Educators, and Practitioners in the Field of Libraries, Documentation, and Information. We are pleased to announce that the MATH-UMB.EDU Journal invites you to contribute unpublished research articles in the field of mathematics education for Vol. 9 No. 2 of 2022 to be published in March.

    Before submitting an article, make sure you have followed the guidelines and article writing templates in the MATH-UMB.EDU Journal. The writing guide can be found HERE. Article writing templates can be downloaded HERE.

    Article submission via online follows the OJS system by:

    1. create an account first in the register menu for the first user,

    2. login using the account and password that was created earlier via the login menu; and

    3. follow the steps after logging in.

    If the article that has been submitted is worthy of being published, the author's article will be published in a certain edition. However, it is possible that there will be revisions, both minor and major, and even rejection of articles if they do not meet the criteria of the MATH-UMB.EDU Journal.

    MATH-UMB.EDU Editorial Team

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