Author Guidelines

The manuscript must be an original research paper sufficient to provide new research for economics education. The author agrees to submit his paper electronically using the Economic Edu Journal online submission procedure. The appropriate author should also provide manuscripts that are not available for discussion elsewhere. The editor will respond to submissions that do not follow this procedure. (ARTICLE TEMPLATE)

Scientific articles consist of: (1) title, researcher's name, abstract, keywords; (2) substance; (3) correspondence, bibliography and attachments (if any). Substance includes: (a) introduction (15-20 percent), namely background, problem formulation, literature review and objectives; (b) research methods (5-10 percent), (c) results and discussion (60-70 percent), including analysis, synthesis, interpretation, (d). conclusion (5 percent). Editors can abbreviate and correct articles to be published without changing the intent and content. Articles are typed single spaced, font 12 (Times New Roman), on A4 paper. The article is sent to the editor accompanied by a CD.