Peer Reviews

The article accepted by the editorial will be selected through the Initial Review processes by Editorial Board. And the articles will be sent to the reviewer (Double Blind Peer Review) and will go to the next selection by Peer Preview Process. After that, the articles will be returned to the authors for revision. The review process is made by at least 2 reviewers, but under certain conditions such as value inequality from 2 reviewers or in other considerations may be reviewed back to the third reviewer.

 Dear Reviewer, please follow the following Guidelines

  1. Please visit the focus and scope of the journal before you make a review of the manuscript
  2. Please check the article can be continued for review or not
  3. Never hesitate to reject the article if it does not meet the standards for review and publication
  4. Please review the article until the time has been specified
  5. please review the article to get a good results

Dear Reviewer, please follow the following steps while submitting your review reports;

  1. Accept to review
  2. Download the manuscript
  3. Submit your review report; a) comment inside the paper (MS Word review tool), b) you are required to write down your comments and suggestion
  4. The reviewer's evaluation form can be downloaded; a) evaluate each part of the article, b) provide recommendations: minor/major/rejected, c) you could write your comments on the web (section reviewer's comment)
  5. Upload the review report; a) the commented manuscript and, b) the evaluation form, c) click submit